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Ronan's report

Saturday February 3rd, 2007

Paul: "You can't be a great flytyer if you're not a great flycaster."
Magnus: "Bollocks!"

Which I figure means the fish decides on the greatness of a fly, and thus fly tyer and you need to be able to put a fly in front of a fish before you can find out if the fly is the real deal, presumptively (word check Magnus) because you need to cast it there... well. Carrying it on, it figures you need to have a fish and a great fly to find out if you've made a great cast. Bollocks is one hell of an efficient word! I suppose tyers can get around the caster bit by just dropping a handful of flies at the top of a river, then follow them down noting which get eaten. Paul must have no logical Vulcan blood. But somehow he thinks he's tying realistic flies, and I can't really argue with him when I think about how screwed up bugs can get. Now my pointy ears and green blood is all confused too!

About realistic, what if you tied a very realistic fly that isn't supposed to be in the water at all like a big hairy caterpillar? Does that still count?

Or in my case one of these, and the fish still ate it.

Then perhaps something that looked the same but in unnatural colors?

That line between realistic, impressionistic, and attractor gets pretty fuzzy. For all we know, Royal Wulffs are realistic because of mayflies on Mars err.. the planet Pluto.


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