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Ronan's report

Tuesday July 18th, 2006

Right, first things first. Here's how to get a great leader, made by Thomas (TZ) and used by Bob, Stefan, Johan, Jonas, Andreas and Tomas and Britt Eckland. Apparently it's very good and very clever, and may change your life. Just like a good leader should.

Ok - right about now I'm on the tin budgie from New Zealand to the US, bored out of my tree and annoying Jeanie. I've got a classic New Zealand Swanni that Paul wanted me to bring over. It's put my luggage way over the limit, the whole plane in-fact, and I've had to charter a Starlifter to get the thing to Bozeman. I haven't had a smoke for 6 hours and now I'm getting really shitty. Note to self, I shouldn't smoke, it's very selfish and apparently not very good for me, so now's a good time to knock off.

I hope the dog's OK and that the neighbours don't over feed her - don't want to come back home to a fat dog. Hell, she's that old I'll be delighted to come home to a dog at all.

Will I get a cavity search at customs? - there's only hoping I suppose. Bloody Americans, they've totally screwed this whole international travel thing.

Looking forward to seeing mates in the US, catching up with Paul, meeting Eric and the other guys from the Board. Mustn't get too pissed, lots of classes to do at the conclave. Has Paul totally lost the plot? - won't know until we're cooking potatoes in front of the camp fire. Bob, you should just give up, I've tried before.

Hope Magnus is going to be OK doing the Tuesday FP - it's a big spot, most popular day, wonder how many complaints he'll get? - not many I expect, still there's only hoping.

~ Bumcast

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