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Ronan's report

Monday 21st, November 2011

Here in Hungary the weather report is that it's foggy. Not just foggy in the morning, but it's been foggy now for a week, and the forecast is for another week of it at least. The fog lifted slightly this afternoon, to reveal a beautiful, frosty, frozen world, and a very low Drava. But it's back down hard again now and I can't see a bloody thing. I've never known that fog like this existed; it's an interesting world, always full of surprises. For the most part of the week my maximum visibility has been about 100 feet!

This week I've been busy here at Latohegy (which hasn't lived up to its name - means "seeing mountain"), trying like mad to finish the cabin, turning cold water into hot (which is very complicated, not least because my soldering skills are like my flytying), building a wall behind the wood stove and fixing up another couple of shelves - a week of Manshit and quite an enjoyable one at that too. I have to finish this thing as soon as possible because I need a good week of firewood collecting, interspersed with Drava fishing... and then it can snow for all it's worth.

I've also been busy working on the other Sexyloops' project, designing tackle. All will be revealed soon...

There's something very interesting about watching the seasons change. I'm still not entirely sure about the entire winter-thing, but I'm enjoying watching it evolve. I've seen bits of it over the last few years, but I haven't really felt as close to it in the past, as I am doing this time, actually living in it; feeling it and breathing it.

The guy with the fucking tree-mole alarm has fixed up a second alarm, because Hungarian tree-moles come with the fog. I went out to investigate this week, with a view to finding the second alarm but as I was wondering around his land, he came out of his house. I gave him a cigar and threatened to kill him. I really have to get a better grasp of this language because the alarm still sounds every minute. It must be working, however, because I haven't seen any tree-moles.

Well it's seven o'clock in the evening. It's been dark for three bloody hours. Must be time for bed :p


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