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Ronan's report

Sunday 30th November, 2014

On the Board!!!!

The Bimini Twist - a rare knot that really is 100% or higher breaking strain than the line - I don't know of another! Everything else we tried gets smashed before the line. The Penny knot/Eugene bend beats the Lefty knot, which beats the Clinch knot hands down.

The three stages of Cultivation - Bruce Lee goes casting.

Deep loading a fibreglass rod. Why does it go mental?

How to teach taking shots in flycasting. It's something we're not doing well!

I'm off to Perth to catch some Brim. Then it's off to Brisbane tonight. Last day of fishing with Mike there, and we have a Shootout in the evening. Then it's off to Malaysia for three months of fishing! It's been an fabulous time here - as usual - looking forward to next time. More about my week on my next FP!

Cheers, Paul

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