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Ronan's report

Friday November 3rd, 2006


FRIDAY is the DAY!!!

The Day for BEN to play!!!

PLAY and write his PAGE!!!

Whipfinger- he's the man with the spider's touch... oh yeah

Whipfinger- don't enter his web of sin...


He'll Take you in!!!

Don't go in!!!

Don't take his FLY.......

~ Paul

See what I have to put up with every Thursday night? My spam filter sucks!

The BFFI kicks off this weekend and I will be on hand as the one and only Sexyloops roving reporter. It’s sure to be the greatest fly fishing event since the last one, and that’s saying something considering there was no casting competition last year. I Hope to see all of you (yes, all 200’000 of you) there for a beer and maybe some flies (for me, obviously). Hey you may even meet the unofficial Sexyloops casting team, comprising of Mike (Victor), Jon Allen, me, Magnus (as he is the only one of us able to pass 90ft with the official comp line) and, well, whoever else wants to come along, say hello and look daft in front of a lot of people.

We were due to have the Plunder Master, Viking Lars, with us, but due to an incident involving a car, a badger, a log, a bag of Seals fur and a stripper named Carl he can’t make it. Bummer! Maybe next time.

See you bright and early in the morning.


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