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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 8th, 2008

Playing with a couple of Echo rods at the moment - which led be to their website - which led me to poach a couple of images. To make it clear so Tim doesn't think I'm poaching these come from and are all his fault.

This illustrates what most of us think happens when a rod maker says these three rods are for three different line-weights - three different stiffnesses, different powers, for three consecutive line-weights. More exactly it's not just one maker is one rod range by one maker.

This illustrates rod action. Under the same load the deflection of all three rods is more or less the same.

I like these because they illustrate the ideas in a nice simple way that I can get my head around.

Then Tim (and Stuart) send me a rod with two tips - one 6inches shorter than the other. (Actually two rods a #5 and an #8 but that gets very complicated to explain.) So I have a 10ft rod which I can chop to a 9ft 6in rod. When I switch to the shorter tip the feel changes, it gets lighter and the action tightens. Very interesting, very effective. I've got a 10ft loch style and a 9ft 6in bank rod? A report will follow.


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