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Ronan's report

Monday 3rd August, 2009

In the end Janko and I didn't go to Serbia. We nearly went. And no doubt had we actually gone we'd have had a fantastic time catching up with Zoran, making new friends and socialising. There would have been immense flyswaps and fishing tale swaps. And maybe I'm just talking for Janko here, but I suspect palinka, wine and maybe Seal's Fur would be consumed - and on the first day a hell of a lot.

Had we gone we'd have met some very fine anglers and casters indeed, and great people to meet and I'm sure we'll meet again (not that we've met yet) - either here in Hungary when they come to visit, or else next time when I go back for the first time.

But we didn't go because we knew the fishing wouldn't be very good. It's like that down there at this time of year, this year anyway. And the only way to catch grayling is to repeatedly cast over where you've caught them before, and neither Janko or I had done that.

And as far as trout or huchen go, well let's just not talk about those. Had I gone I may have lost a brown trout on a streamer, but no one drives 10 hours to Serbia to lose a brown trout on a streamer, you either go there to catch all the fish or else none at all. In fact I'm pleased I didn't land that fish - even if I had or hadn't actually been there.

The other interesting thing about not going to Serbia, is that I would be able to sleep. You're not allowed to sleep in Serbia if you're a fisherman. They wake you up in the morning before you've gone to bed with tales of fantastic brown trout fishing in the dark and rainbows to 4.5 Kilos...

So thanks for a fantastic and imaginary time. It's awesome to meet expert anglers, who also know how to have fun, and let's face it, making new friends is often more important than actually catching the fish that we didn't catch by not being there. And eventually, when I do finally get down there, you know, next time for the first time, we'll have a hoot and nail the bastards!


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