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Ronan's report

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

The Board is buzzing with new flies and flytying-related threads. Likewise here at my place - I've been tying hard the last days over Easter - goiung from #21 parachutes to 1/0 baitfish imitations :-). Quite interesting change!

Tying a small batch of my favourite migde-fly, a small black parachute with a yellow wing, I did the interesting excersise of counting turns of thread. Have you ever done that? I think you'll be surprised! I tied one as I normally would and then, after I got the shock, I did one trying to minimise the number of turns!

And no, I'm not letting you know - you'll have to make a guess and take the challenge - check today's PoD!

Other than migdes, I've been tying Hawthornes, duns, emerging nymphs, suspender nymphs, ants, migde pupae and Pheasant Tails.

The Pheasant Tails brought up another challenge as I a few years ago discovered a nice method of tying them, and got carried away :-). I tied so many that I had enough for a few years, until now. It took me app. an hour to remember the steps, but once I had them, I got carried away and tied enough for at least 3 years, in order to remember the steps. That'll probably result in the same scenario in two or three years :-).

Hmm, that brings back the thoughts about trying to keep a journal!


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