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Ronan's report

Friday April 27th, 2007

Yes, I can guess what do you expect. To find out what am I doing between two fly fishing trips. Or where did I find money for Fancy Clothes or nice rod collection (Helium is on its way btw, review fallows soon) And you do expect exactly something like that:

  1. I am a Dentist
  2. I am a Pilot
  3. I am not a Pilot, I am a Lawyer (lair?)
  4. I am an Owner and huge % share holder
  5. I am a macro biologist (for Elephants and Whales only)
  6. I am a Chef in prison's kitchen
  7. B. Sc Eng. in Soul Recovery Process
  8. Vet (for mad cows only)
  9. Astrologist
  10. Rock'n Roll Guitarist
  11. Horse Tails keeper in the Summer period (what is that for the God sake?)
  12. M. Sc in Chem. Eng. and Switch Casting
  13. Ph D in Philosophy and Civil Engineering
  14. SheepGirls Educator (see point 16)
  15. Boil Maker helper (from the left side only)
  16. I am stupid because I am still working in my 50's
  17. Woman's underwear designer (btw, permanently looking for models)
  18. ex-Gigolo from the coast of Adriatic and Black Sea
  19. Master in understanding and helping bloody reach people, giving them advices how to solve the problems, spend time and money until Death comes to fetch them (charging quiet good money for advices of course), see point 20
  20. I am a Witcher (see point 19)
  21. I am a killer. I kill people for money, but you are my friends ,so I'll kill you for nothing (for free =) )

So, you are pretty optimistic if you do expect the truth about my "really" job. Yes ,I can tell you, but then, I must kill you (point 21)or bewitched you (point 20) Then, what will I do without The Board of all Boards?

But OK, you are my friends ,so there is a truth : My really job is Fly Fishing. All the rest between two fly fishing is my Not-Really-Job job. It is something like a my SL Brother, Not-Really -Dave …...

Go Flyfishing , don't care (about yours "really" jobs) and be happy !


Ps Don't forget to practice fly casting and put questions on the Board

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