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Ronan's report

Monday, 12th October, 2009

I'm writing this ahead of time because I have a mad week coming up. What an amazing summer it's been however. Only in Australia can I remember such a summer, hot from the beginning of April right through to even now (Thursday 8th October) and it was 27C to today - in October!! According to my laptop that amazing weather spell is finally about to break and temperatures will plummet. We had a couple of days last month that suggested something was on the way, but the trees are still green and summer is well and truly still here.

I don't know how that has affected the fishing, I know it's hard and I believe unusually so. The Asp are not feeding, even though the river's been perfect for a couple of weeks - both low and clear. I've thrown the odd nymph out too but I just haven't mastered this place yet. It will happen of course...

So I'm out of here, off to catch up with Ralf Vosseler and a friend in Munich. Quite a drive but I think my sister wants her car back! Ronan and I are planning an assault on the Southern Hemisphere. And I'm planning either Tassie or Queensland afterwards, maybe also with Ronan (fuck I hope he washes his socks this time). Also we have to make another movie together. We managed to get ourselves a little bit sidetracked there from the main issue and we're back on it again. If you haven't seen the Revolution do order a copy, because there are some amazing scenes and it's a pretty funny movie.

...OK it's Sunday night, I'm still here! Had to wait for some $$ to arrive and fix up the cabin for the winter. Here that means no water in the pipes and antifreeze in the bog. Yeah I know, but it can be -18C or something absurd.

Saw wild pigs up here a few nights ago and there are deer everywhere - but I won't tell Peter because he'll shoot them all!

There are still slots available for the casting day following weekend, and Mr Organised has no idea who is coming for the shootout on Saturday. I should have some of the new RIO distance lines, so it's going to be an interesting weekend!

Quick entry on the Blog from the last week of fishing and flytying with Peter and friends.

OK back to the campfire!

Cheers, Paul

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