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Ronan's report

Thursday 22nd March, 2012

Was away from the water this evening, walking my dry, even in springtime, foothills... golfing. Disc golfing, throwing small frisbees around a volunteer made course on some public land. My friend Matt at work asked me along and it was pretty fun, certainly a good opportunity to suck up some of the lengthening sun. Putting a little thought to hucking a disc with a purpose, I couldn't help but make comparisons to casting.

Sexyloops, the Board, FFF CI study, and the host of other resources don't just teach casting technique, there's also a backbone method of analyzing sport in general. The breakdown of movements, biomechanics, and analysis methods easily applied to both sports.

A throw broke down pretty quick into 3 parts. The first was setup such as grip, tilt, and starting position. The second was swing along with a little straight line path. Then finally release.

Body movement was very similar biomechanically to a haul. Shoulder, elbow and wrist bent, then unfurling them in order.

Bruce's 6-step method of fault analysis minus the rod became the 4-step method. Disc out right, release too late, release should be earlier, disc out left. F&*$! yep, just like learning to cast.


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