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Ronan's report

Wednesday 01 January, 2014

316 seems to be a fair number of fishing days per year since I spent most of the other days teaching fly casting on grass. Quite some people lately have asked me to point out my personal best fish in 2013.

Not easy to answer inbetween all the fish I caught during all those days. Especially some of those my students caught were pretty emotional to me. Besides that the one large mullet I fooled to chase my fly over a distance of maybe 7 or 8 meters and then inhaling my fly in slow motion just three feet in front of my rod tip was very special to me - simply a perfect moment! But then again there have been many other perfect moments I could share in 2013. Really a great fishing year to me!

Defintely the summer was special since me and my best friend fished ten weeks in a row 7 days a week 8 hours per day for mullet (and women) along the Baltic beach. I think it's fair to say, that was life at it's best for us.

Right now I have fished another ten weeks period in a row. This time for (Baltic) pike and Sea trout. Lots of great catches included.

Looking back at the past week I made an interesting catch: One and the same pike took my fly twice within half an hour. I landed him twice and did not realize it before seeing the pictures in detail the day after. You may have a look in the pic of the day section. Funny though the second fight was significant stronger. No question that pike was in what I call to be the cold water non stopable feeding mood. Once the water really gets cold pikes decide just one time a day (often less) to feed. Once the decision is made they are kind of hard to keep from feeding (until it's done). If we hook one of those feeders and then loose him again, he often immediately takes our fly again (and again) until they are well hoked. In warmer water this is very different. Usually one strike and that's it. If we don't hook em, he will be gone that day.

Finally what can I say... a great fishing year full of perfect moments is passing by in a blink of an eye. The next days I will be fishing with Mari-san from Tokio. Long trip to fish with me though. Yes, she already managed to catch her first German Baltic pike - and her trip is safe! But who knows, I think there might be more to come. You may check in my next fp in a week ;).

Great times out in the water to all of you in 2014!

Could you tell your best fishing moment in 2013? If so, I'd like to read about it!

All my best


p.s.: Thanks for all the great (email, fb and SL board) feedback on my front pages. I appreciate! (I think sometimes it may be hard to follow someone who is lucky to fish all the time!?)

p.s.s.: I wrote this fp yesterday morning and I was spot-on: Mari nailed down another great fish as you may see in the bottom of the pic of the day.

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