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Ronan's report

Monday October 18th, 2010

Hola from Argentina, apologies if I'm a little late with this, it's 4am and my bodyclock is way out of whack. It's a only a 4 hour night-flying from Sydney to Buenos Aires, then there's the night-life (very beautiful women!!) and the steaks and best of all the wonderful Argentine Malbecs. Malbec is a grape variety that produces a tremendously full and soft easy drinking red, really very impressive.

To the fishing - I came to catch Dorado, a primitive, heavily toothed salmonoid, a ferocious predator that lives in the big rivers that flow south from somewhere up Brazil way. The river we're on is the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The local guides are highly skilled fishermen and bloody good fly casters. I'm travelling with some mates from Oz, they're not seriously into their fly fishing although one of them has not picked up any other tackle the entire time they've been here.

I wondered if I was actually going to catch one and while we were dealing with the border guards, something you have to do to fish these waters, I flipped a fly in the water and instantly a Dorado smacked it, that easy, species number 283. I don't think there's a more aggressive fish on the planet. They grow to 60lbs as well, I'd be frightened to swim in these waters because I reckon they'd start to take chunks out of you pretty quickly if you thrashed around too much.

They eat surface flies but mostly it's swinging big wets, and I mean BIG - tied on 4/0's with plenty of bulk. I've mostly been using a 10 weight but have started using a 9 now and caught the fish shown on my old and beloved 9 TCR. Lines are Rio's T14 custom cuts trimmed back to 29 feet of head. At times it's a fish a cast. Wire bite tippets are essential, 50lb Tyger Wire is great, anything less than that can get snipped, I lost a big fish today when the 30lb wire was cut clean but then again I landed a big one on 30lb wire because it was hooked in the corner of the jaw.

These things jump, they go NUTS with the jumping. They are really spectacular creatures in a wonderfully hospitable country. The big one weighed 42 lbs.



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