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Ronan's report

Mndaoy 30th Mcrah, 2009

Nnithog plarrtalicuy ectxintig in Arden World tihs week arapt form amlsot bniomceg Knig of Lotheaad! So that's pretty exciting in itself. Big fish. Big fish. Big fish.

So in the meantime, The Danish Fly Festival is getting closer. There is going to be the Sexyloops One Day International Flycasting Course for Intermediates and Beyond on the 17th April. If you are a Viking or a German attending this show then you really NEED to book a place on this amazing course. The rest of your life starts now. This is the push you need. You will learn something spectacular which will make you a better flycaster and fisherman. That is why you were put on this planet, to become the best flyfisherman you can be. So don't screw it up or put it off any longer... BOOK the best day of your life, the Sexyloops One Day International Flyfishing School with Paul Arden, Mr Sexyloops. Book today, friends of the angle, and I promise you GOD will put in an surprise appearance (ZA lightning rods highly recommended). Cost is £120 for the day. Either book here on the board or via email. Tell everyone you know. Places going fast so book today!!!

What else? Well if you missed it, our special from NZ this month is buy any two Sexyloops Tops and receive a copy of the Revolution (or infamous flyfishing DVD with bombs, guns and REALLY BIG fish) absolutely free!

If you're after fishing tackle in Europe for the start of the new season, then look no further than our sister site, Flytackle Europe. We're not called Europe's premiere flytackle supplier for nothing! New flylines? No problem. New tippet? No problem. New waders? No problem. You need it, we stock it.

And what of flycasting practise? Did you know that Mr Sexyloops practises his flycasting in the dark? Yes it's true boys and girls: no moon, pitch black, Pink Floyd - up loud, The Sexyloops Lumiline. More psychedelic than a mouse on acid.

That's right. You can grasp the future. Start making a difference to you life today! Get out that credit card and shop, shop, SHOP!

Camo-guy says, "Yeehaw boys and girls, I never knew shopping was so much fun!"

Tomorrow: Pike!

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SEXYLOOPS SCHOOLS - Flycasting in England and Hungary. Contact Paul Arden for more info.

Sexyloops on Facebook: Sexyloops on YouTube: www.YouTube/SexyloopsTV. This is Snapcast - our irregular monthly mailshot!

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