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Ronan's report

Tueday 6th January, 2009

Middle of December, as I went up to my family place for the winter break, I decided not to bring all my stuff home, because I knew I was gonna go back by train. So I figured the less I'll have to carry the easier it will be for me on the way back! I figured that; you know it's too cold outside to cast, and it's a busy time of the year I won't be able to get time to practice and tie flies….

Moreover my flatmate who's getting started into fly tying and fly casting is not equipped, so I lend ALL my gear for him to practice …..Yeah I know that's nice, it was a bit before Christmas!

Preparing my homework for the return (an hour talk on fly casting in front of my school partners) I realised I was foolish!!!

Spending time reading Jason Borger “nature of fly casting”, Mel Krieger “the essence of flycasting”, and Lefty Kreh “advanced fly casting”…It's like watching the REVOLUTION, what do you want to do in the minute after you finish, even before, while you're reading or watching, you just wanna do it! Don't you!

I was invaded by an urgent desire to go casting and check out those little things that come to your mind while reading a book many times; those little tips which I once passed thought the first time I read them.

What a mistake. Since I started fly fishing I've never been moving anywhere without at least a combo in my bags.

And I surprise myself missing my fly tying box too, which is interesting because, well I tie, but I'm not really good at it . I just know about simple flies.

I'm back at school today, more on this week program next Tuesday!

Tonio Tonio

PS: I moved on a new house, kind of what all fisherman would love to live in. I'll post some pic next week.

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