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Ronan's report

Saturday March 23rd, 2014

When I started fly fishing, I got a fishing vest like most others. I knew one guy who carried a traditional creel for his tackle, and one to two carried classic, Hardy shoulderbags. Me, I wanted a fishing vest.

Then I went over to a chest pack from long gone J.W. Outfitters, who made really cool, strong and extremely high quality gear. Unfortunately they're not in business anymore and I think they closed just before the "new" chest bag wave took off. I had a few different packs (and I still have them, they're too cool to pass on :-) that I used for different kinds of fishing. One for dryfly/nymph and another (smaller) for the salt.

Then William Joseph came along with really cool gear and some very nice chest packs and backpack/chest pack combos, like this one, that I really liked.

Then Simms came with their water proof backpack, where you could attach a small chest pack, and that was a really cool combo too. I used that for while, until I actually went back to fishing vests, although the latest and most modern ones by Simms. I still have a use them :-).

Now I'm looking at sling packs as a new carry solution. I would like a small back-carried solution for a camera, yet still have that (the camera) readily available, and sling packs seem like the perfect solution. I know a few who's used them for some time, and they're really satisfied with them. And I'm not the only one thinking along these lines :-).

Simms has two new ones out that look really cool and comfortable. I've seen one at a store and it's pretty awesome with some very nice details. But Patagucci has a water proof one out this year, and waterproof-ness really speaks to me. I often carry a rather expensive camera, and often an extra lens, and I don't like the thought of drowning either.

So, bag blues once again for me - I'll let you all know what I find out. I've already ordered the two Simms slings (one is larger than the other, and I'm not sure how much space I'll need, how heavy a bag you can comfortably carry over one shoulder etc) and I'll probably send for the Patagucci as well, and then keep the one I like best (I only say that in case my wife reads this - you and I all know I'll keep them all :-).


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