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Ronan's report

Thursday 14th January, 2010

Despite a recently injured shoulder I took advantage of the unseasonable heat (and I was complaining about the extreme cold last month!!) and spent a ‘sick’ day on a local river. Great river; great possibilities. Well it could be a great river and it was a great river before they built the dam.

When the dam was built a population of bull trout were cut off from spawning areas, kilometres of great rivers were flooded, and the flow regime was changed in the river downstream. To make up for the losses, brown trout were stocked (in a river with very limited public access), boulders were dumped over banks (and got buried in subsequent floods), and the government said that there would be more water in the river (but more water was taken).

Another big downside of the dam is the lack of flushing flows... this was very noticeable on this past fishing excursion. The cobbles on the bed of the river were covered with Didymo and a deep layer of fine organics in most places. It didn’t look like there was much substrate available for spawning. A good annual spring flood might fix that, and then I wouldn’t have to clean my fly every other cast.

Anyways, it was a beautiful day out, I got a great rainbow and lost a much better one. Flyfishfairwx got a nice rainbow in his first couple of casts and his dogs made sure the area was clear of cougars and bears for the walk along the stream.

Get out and enjoy the water,

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