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Ronan's report

Wednesday May 17th, 2006
Versión en español

I spent the weekend with Pablo Castro Pinos. He's training for the Championship that will take place in three rivers and a lake in Navarre. Over dinner he pulled out his boxes and showed me his flies. Hundreds of models in six different boxes. All classified and perfectly ordered. All of them have been designed by him and some patterns are truly innovative. If I had to describe this competitive enthusiast's flies briefly I would somewhat highlight the following:

- All the nymphs are golden bead heads. From tiny to large.
- The CDC is present in 95% of all of his dry flies. Pablo points out that this material provides many more hook-ups.
- One of the boxes contains nothing but all kinds of sedges. Hundreds of them.
- The average size of all the flies together must be around 18.
- Very few streamers.
- His dries are all very very visible. He says that's absolutely paramount.

By the way he told me that after the casting course he took from us (Alejandro, Aitor and myself) two months ago his average distance has improved notably. Now he has the habit of practicing for about ten minutes on the bank of the river at the end of every fishing day. He says that the casting technique is going to be decisive in the upcoming World Championship. First he has to be classified. Good luck.


[little note from Paul - I think Carlos means qualified.]

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