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Ronan's report

Sunday February 4th, 2007

“What is real?” asked the velveteen rabbit.

As usual, there's still a heap of what we might call 'folk wisdom' about what trout think and what we are doing when we present an imitation bug or baitfish to a trout (or any fish). Folk wisdom, by the way, is putting it generously.

To have a concept of realism, you have to have a concept of 'unreal', or artificiality, or fakeness, which when you think about it for a minute, is clearly beyond the ability of a trout. So, as far as I'm concerned, there isn't an issue.

Trout are basically sight feeders that rely on a couple of pretty basic things while selecting food from non-food items. First is size. Shape is important as a secondary 'trigger', And then, most importantly, is some impression of life or natural movement. Colour might help sometimes. Present such a thing to the fish and don't scare 'em.

Personally, I have the notion that a vague impression is WAY more effective that anything approaching what we humans might consider 'realistic'. The less information you offer the fish, while keeping within the parameters of prey size, shape and behaviour, the better.

So, really, three hundred years or so of fly tying history and skill acquisition is basically a load of bollocks. In other words - Art.


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