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Ronan's report

Wednesday 16 October, 2013

Paul once told me: "Names help in teaching." I couldn't agree more! Thus it seems fair to conclude using proper names is an important part of teaching. But what might be the characteristics of a proper name for a specific cast, a given casting style or using a specific tackle set up?

Here are a few thoughts I usually have before adapting different names/terms to my teaching:

It (the name) shouldn't support a wrong understanding and instead match with what I am going to teach.

It should be short and easy to remember.

It should match with the other names being used in my (and even better most of our) teaching.

It should stand for a significant and important content, not just to support being the explorer of a new cast/style/tackle set up, which isn't really new.

It should match with history of teaching as good as possible.

Of course these are only my personal thoughts and the truth of todays teaching seems to be quite opposite: We often find numerous names for the same cast. We find different names for just one style and in addition that style may almost be about the very same movements being used in another style (being represented under another name). And we also find names, which easily may lead to a missunderstanding.

Let's have a look at some names/terms I regulary come across somewhere in the world of teaching:

I have been thought the same cast under many names: Jump Roll cast, Switch cast, Forward Spey cast, Dynamic Roll cast, Underhand cast and Magic Switch cast. Probably some of you have been thought the same cast under a name not being listed here.

Underhand style, Andersson technique and Scandinavien style are all terms being used to teach the same style. In Addition I have been thought almost the same casting technique under even more names.

Slide loading: A term I read quite often here on Sexyloops as well as in other places in the www. It stays for a technique often being used by distance casters. It's about moving (sliding) the rod along the fly line towards the line hand during unrolling of the current cast. If you like it's about repositioning the rod before the next cast will be started. Depending on how one does it exactly, it can help to improve line tension before the next cast will be started. A key to success is not to waste any main rod rotation (arc) by starting the casting stroke too early. Rotation may be used during slide for repositioning the rod-leg and for maintaining tension, but not to create the desired line speed for the next cast. Now LOADING originally was meant to refer to storing (potential) energy in the rod or if you like to bend the rod. In fact rod bend IS NOT what shall be achieved during the slide. So the term slide loading easily may lead to a misunderstanding imo. Instead of slide loading I prefer the Sexyloops definitions name: "Slide = A form of drift where the rod is moved along the line towards the line hand.". Short, easy to remember and not misleading.

Ok, maybe there is no problem in using numerous names/terms for teaching the same cast or whatever all around the globe. But there is a serious problem, if for example we as instructors and examiners in the end fail candidates in instructor exams based on having it made inpossible to understand our own terminolgy of teaching, or if you like our teaching language.

It just happened to me, that I was teaching an instructor candidate the Jump Roll cast, the Switch cast, the Underhand cast and the Forward Spey cast to be the same cast (just different names being used for it). Then during the exam he was told to be completely wrong about this. Now I of course could tell him, that the examiners were wrong. But of course that's not what I want. Maybe we can work this one out here on the board - Are those names staying for one and the same cast or not?

All my best


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