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Ronan's report

Wednesday 11th, January 2012

1. The Scottish Meet 2012 is to be held in the same place as last year - a remote and exciting hotel haunted by Sexyloops ancestral flyfishing ghosts - on the 4th May. Get in touch with our special Organisator Ben for more exciting details, including where, how, why and when to book. Special Scottish Ghost Appearance this year is WC Stewart dressed as Sir Isaac Walton. Stewart, of course, invented upstream spider fishing after a good dose of porridge (as well as writing a significant amount about worms).

2. While Trev isn't on today, and is instead lost somewhere in New Zealand - we can't tell you where, because it's a secret, even to him - Davy is on tomorrow. So that's exciting.

3. Over on the Board things are slightly quieter than normal since the Technical Analysers decided to commit suicide after failing to agree on the implications of a particularly complicated graph. We don't know what this means for the rest of the flycasting community - it could mean tailing loops - but we do know that...

There is no 4.

5. I'm reading an excellent book at the moment by Bill Bryson, called A Short History of Nearly Everything - as recommended by Scooby in Darwin. I haven't got to the flyfishing section yet but Im sure when I do it will be a doozy. And if there isn't a flyfishing section then we're going to have to write one... shortly after answering all my emails.

Have a great day. I'm flycasting.


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