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Ronan's report

Sunday 25th January, 2009

Sean's still off this week, and this FP comes to you from the side of the highway one, somewhere on our way to visit Hair and Bronywn for a night of wine and Thai curry. Our only problem is the damned truck. Ever since I accidentally managed to get stuck in the mud under a West Coast bridge we've been over-heating on every hill and over time on every straight. I pulled the radiator our today and hosed out all the mud, things looked good until a few minutes ago when we over-heated once again - this time for no apparent reason - and this time the temperature gauge (no not Ronans temperature gauge) packed up. So now we're going to over-heat but we wont know when. Sexyloops excitement with only 300K to go...

Still at least our truck is going. John's has broken down with a busted Cam Belt somewhere in Omaramarama.

Hi, Babus is here, Paul is giving the drink to our thirsty car. I think I've learned much more about car problems since I am with Paul than I ever wanted. But it can be useful some time and everything is refreshing to learn for me now which is not medicine. I hope my dad will be proud of me that a new mechanic expert will arrive home soon.

There is an interesting stuff when we are on the road and waiting for the boiling water to cool down a little bit. I always watch the nice trucks and cars and wish I could see all the time the things that I've got and not the things that I should get. I mean it's so easy to cut the kilometers when your car is OK that you don't think about it how impossible can be when you are broken down. Of course you don't have to think about it just we all like to miss things instead of to be glad of things that we already have. It's difficult to explain in English but hopefully you understand. For example I am so happy that we have beautiful weather since Christmas! At the beginning of our NZ-trip I couldn't believe that we can have sunny days without clouds and rain ever. Now we are brown, Paul's head is sunburnt and my nose as well:) And I can see again my naked toes!! Fantastic. So by the time I am writing this we are hitting the road again. Nice sunset, good mood and water-checking in every half an's enough to be happy:)) Bye

Yep that's all true - look out Hair, here we come!


PS Nice POD from Sean today!

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