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Ronan's report

Monday September 20th, 2010

Lot's of very exciting stuff happening at the moment. For one thing I've just answered 600 emails. I don't think I've ever answered 600 emails before and I'm really looking forward to all the replies.

Another very exciting thing is that we've started a thread on tips for beginners River Flyfishing, over on the board of boards, The Board. You can find it here, add to it, read it and so on.

I'm back at Latohegy. Today I nearly drowned my car while driving on the road, so much rain have we had here in Hungary. It's been raining solid for I don't know how long, so much so that I was going to build the Arc, but thankfully this won't be necessary because it's stopped now.

Tomorrow I pick up my stolen and recovered flytying kit and chainsaw, which is also very exciting, because it means I'll be able to finish the flyswap flies and not be last, and chop down two trees at once. It's turning cold here at Latohegy which sucks because I have no indoor heating.

Later this week I fish for Croatian Asp, which are apparently less imaginary than Hungarian Asp (Peter Skeg caught two today but he may have been smoking SF). On Friday I'm back on the Balaton for a weekend of fishing. Then Monday sees us in Bosnia for Graylinks and then there's the SL meet coming up 2nd/3rd October in Hungary. Be sure to be here for that one.

Talking of meets, the NZ Meet is 27/28th November - be sure to put yourself on the list if you're coming! It's in Reefton which is famous for its trout fishing and electric lighting. (Look it up if you don't believe me).

On the way there it looks like I'll be fishing for Tiger Fish on the Zambezi, see more excitement! Then if the plan goes according to plan, Yellowfish in South Africa. I just have to find three grand between now and then, so be sure to visit Flytackle Europe and spend all your money.

There's a huge PoD Blog today courtesy of Zsofia, my Hungarian Teacher and shipmate of the past two weeks. Some great shots in there I think, so pour yourself a morning cup of coffee or open a beer if you're in Australia.

Right, I'm off for an Orgasmatron.

Capt. SL.



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