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Ronan's report

Monday 17th June, 2013

As Paul mentioned yesterday I visited the EFFTEX in Vienna (not Munich...) on Saturday. According to him this is supposed to be the most boring fishing show there is. Actually it was very exciting as something was mixed up with my pre-registration and I was classified as "retail" instead of "press" which meant I couldn't use my camera to take photos. As I pulled it out from its case a couple of security guys started to chasing me through the hall and after a couple of action scenes the whole thing ended with a bloody fight in the dungeons of the Messehalle. I could handle 10-15 of these guys (we are Sexyloops, we are licensed to kill) but at the end they won and I had to spend the whole weekend at the Vienna Police Station.

OK, this last part never happened but I was badly threatened by some ladies at the entrance so I only shot some pictures at the very end of my visit.

I went to do some face-to-face networking with our current and future suppliers. It was nice to meet Pieter Somsen, our cork supplier and the guys from REC and Hopkins and Holloway. I checked some flyboxes too, the ones made by Thinkfish were quite impressive. As we didn't have a hammer the designer stepped on the box when I asked how durable they are. The box wasn't damaged so they could be Paul-proof, what means these boxes and the cockroaches will survive the nuclear war.

Didoz, maker of tungsten and brass heads for flytying had an interesting new product: hot spot rings that you can put on the fly behind the head. Opposed to flies with the dubbing made hot spots these sink much faster.

I spent most of the time checking out the Sage-Rio-Redington booth and chatting with Simon Gawesworth from Rio, David Visnack from Redington and Marc Bale from Sage. I tried Redington's new handle material. I can't say anything bad about it but I would still prefer cork.

Rio has a new line called Perception. It has a low stretch core that helps you feel everything that happens around your fly. I couldn't test that but it casts very nicely. The taper doesn't seem to be overcomplicated what helps a lot...

I have also cast the the new TCX replacement, the Method. What really surprised me it doesn't seems to be as stiff as its predecessor (at least the 5wt I tried). The casting space was pretty limited, I could keep probably 20 meters of line in the air, which was no problem. The setup was a bit unbalanced (most modern flyreels are just too light if you plan to false cast long lengths of lines) but the rod is very lightweight for sure. It had a very different feel for me compared to the TCX. It surely does everything what you ask a fast action rod to do but I should cast it side-by-side with other rods to have a clearer view of it. My very-very reserved verdict would be that Sage made it a bit more user friendly. When I went back to the car I realised that there was a reel loaded with 5wt MED in my bag, I should have tried it with that line to have less variables.

When we were at the Danish Flyfair we thought that our booth is the most spartan ever made. Well, it seems like we started something there: Sage went down the same way on the Efftex. This means we are on eye level with the biggest flyrod manufacturer of the world!


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