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Canadian Thanksgiving


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Ronan's report

Tuesday October 13th, 2009

This past weekend was the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada. It's a time to be thankful for what you have and a time for family gatherings. Thanksgiving is a time to spend too much time with in-laws and eat too much food. This year my wife and I travelled to Fort McMurray in the northern part of Alberta to spend the holiday with my brother and his new baby.

Fort McMurray is the home of the infamous oilsands. I'm not going to get into the concerns with the oilsands. There is lots of information on the internet. I will say one thing - if you ever want to see how humanity can destroy the natural environment on a very large scale, Fort McMurray is the place!

The trip from where my wife an I live in the southern part of the province is a full 10 hour drive assuming good weather and no stops. The trip starts near a drainage that flows to the Gulf of Mexico and ends on a river that flows to the Arctic Ocean. There is great fishing in all the drainages, but I had no time to fish. Well, there would have been more time except this weekend was also the first real blizzard of the year. In between family duties, sightseeing, and the snowstorm, I managed 10 minutes on a small arctic grayling creek just downstream of one of the oilsand facilities. Frozen guides and the smell of oil was all I caught. Maybe that was a good thing... who wants to handle fish downstream of the tarsands?



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