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Ronan's report

Wednesday 13th June, 2012

Completely by accident, by running out of hooks, no hang on...

I've been spending not an inconsiderable amount of time thinking about wring wrap when streamer fishing. As we all know rabbit zonkers are completely irresistible to trout and many other species of fish, and so when the strips wrap around the hook every other cast or so it sucks.

So after many long and sleepless nights I've devised a cunning method of making them almost wrap-free. My solution is to tie a hair wing fly (you may have some spares hooked into the sun visor of your car - I do, or did) and then tie zonker style over the hair wing, thereby utilising the wing as a rabbit wrap guard and avoiding the wrap.

Going against the convention - as ever - I've decided not to patent this technique, nor perfect it even, instead open it up to the world. Yes you too can tie your zonkers wrap-free, and only by carefully following the step-by-step blog instructions posted today.

OK I have to be up tomorrow to measure fences, run 20Km, buy a solar panel and many other things that, quite frankly, don't need listing here (and not only because I've forgotten them).

Three days of Paul Arden in a row. Fuck even I can't handle that. Tomorrow: Eric.


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