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Ronan's report

Monday July 16th, 2007

Not sure what this week's topic is, I'll let the others decide (this will be interesting)..

Busy times coming up, I have a couple of new sections to put on Sexyloops, a beginner's how-to-fish section (for Babus and a whole bunch of people who don't know they need it yet) and an Instructor's how-to-teach section - which many people have been asking for.

Babus flew back to Hungary yesterday, we had an amazing time of course. I'll be back in Europe in 3 or 4 weeks. We have some flycasting dvds to make and a school to launch in Spain. I'm now much better in Hungarian - I think many people's problems with learning this language is that they believe it to be difficult. If only they would know it was easy they wouldn't have a problem. I'm going to try this approach now.

So anyways, here's some advice for you: don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today. It may never happen and then you'll have missed out. Sexyloops is not a site for procrastinators or time-wasters, it's a site for people who get things done. Here on our Board you will find many of the world's leading flycasting instructors, fishing instructors and guides. Manufacturers are well represented too. And our favourite people of all, are those who believe in us enough to support us and give us their money.

Yes, I'm talking about our advertisers - these are super guys supporting the number 1 flyfishing site: Sexyloops. Buy stuff from them, go visit them, get lessons from them, make babies with them; these guys are the present and future of flyfishing.

If you are an instructor, guide, manufacturer, lodge-owner, have something to sell or a service to offer (no prostitutes please) then please get in touch TODAY and change your life! You'll love it.

That was part one - that was a pitch to our readers who should be advertising but aren't yet. I'm thinking the hundred or so instructors on the Board who haven't realised that they can be making money here and getting your business. And the guides and lodge oweners as well. I'm just reminding them that there are 200,000 of you guys out there, and you have millions of friends, and you don't own lodges or have a very good cast and that you have lots of money to spend. SO in the meantime, while the rest of our potential advertisers get over their procrastinating (this will take less than 24hrs) I'd like to point you in the direction of our shop.

Now we don't sell very much, yet. Of course one day we'll be bigger than Levis, but for now we do have some very cool and funky gear. We have exceptional quality fleece tops and pants as well as our unique Hoodies and Abductors. This is superb gear and if you need something special - maybe you have very long arms or a big penis - then get in get in touch with Vicky and let her know. She'll accommodate you and you'll love it.

Buy anything from us and email me for our secret passwords.

And finally a big welcome to Sudesh as a moderator of our Saltwater section on the Board - Thanks Sudesh!!

Busy day today, hooking up with Hurricane Bob shortly.

Have a great day and remember: NOW is the time.

Yours sincerely,
- your future President.

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