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Ronan's report

Friday 5th September, 2014

I am writing this FP on 31st August at 8 A.M. which is on Merdeka Day or Independence Day here in Malaysia. Don't get me wrong, the timing is not because I am not a particularly patriotic Malaysian or a morning person who will write something at 8 A.M. Actually, I was woken up by the sound of helicopters that were passing by my apartment complex on the way to the parade in the city. This is a yearly event. The apartment is on top of a hill and the seven helicopters will be swooping by on every Merdeka Day. It feels like in a warzone now with the echo of seven helicopters swirling inside every room. These helicopters will make a few more lapses and they have been rehearsing for a week now! So here I am sitting at the balcony with my laptop to escape the vibrating walls inside my room and I thought I'd write something about fishing.

I recently bought a single person inflatable pontoon boat and have been using it intensively for the past 2 months. For fly fishing on still water, I think this is the best watercraft I have so far. It is inflatable so I could keep it deflated in at the back of my truck all the time. The boat is very stable and I could stand up to make long casts or to sight for snakehead farther away than usual. It is actually quite comfortable as everything is in place and within reach from the padded swivel seat. It is quiet and creates very little disturbance especially when powered by electric outboard. I think I am catching more fish with this boat compared to my other watercrafts and I have been fishing more in the past two months because I could go fishing whenever it is convenient to me. I could launch the boat alone without having to climb up my truck scratching and denting its hood or roof like Paul did to the old Squeaker.

For all the good features, there are some short comings that I have to live with though. Inflatables are difficult to row and track. This problem could be reduced by adding a pair of skegs but that will make dragging the boat on land difficult or I'll need to use a cart, that's just adding one more item to carry. As long as I am using electric outboard and have enough juice to power it, I don't mind the difficult tracking. My biggest worry however is how long the glued seams could hold in this tropical weather. I hope I could use it for another few years before it starts to disintegrate. The manufacturer is on the other side of the globe, any warranty claim is meaningless as transportation cost is just too high to justify any claims. I guess I would be happy if this inflatable could last at least three years of continuous use. That means I should use it more during the three years for maximum return of the investment which is why I have going fishing now. The helicopters have left. I think it is the turn of the fighter jets to do flypast next!


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