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Ronan's report

Wednesday 21st, November

Over the years I quite often was told to successfully catch pikes no special tactics are required. I would have to find the pikes of course and then just catch them. Well, my personal experience is completely different! Let me offer you a few big points that I focus on:

1. Visibility of the water

2. Water temperature

3. Fishing pressure

4. Natural food sources

5. Day time (light)

A) The form and overall speed of the retrieve

B) Fly line density

C) Visibility of tippet material

D) Size, color + action of the fly

Now one may think these are just 9 points to focus on, so not much. But first of all I already would need a book to put down the whole puzzle these 8 pieces will give. And then I also have a few additional points in mind that might come into play either - especially next week when fishing with Paul, Djorde, Akos and Aitor (so I have to keep those additional ones secret for now anyway).

Let me offer a few guidelines I use:
1. If the water is warm and clear, the pikes often tend to follow a slowly moving fly and then refuse to strike. Increasing the retrieving speed often does the job!

2. If the fishing pressure is high and the water is clear, I often have seen pike starting to feed mainly on swarms of smaller baitfish instead of single bigger baitfish. Since we cannot imitate a swarm I offer small flies just at the edge of such swarms.

3. In clear water I prefer those tippets which offer lowest visibility available.

4. If the water is really cold a floating line combined with a sinking fly can offer much slower retrieving speed compared to a sinking line and a non weighted fly. Mostly the slowest retrieve will do the job since the pikes do not follow the fly but want it slowly moving right in front of their mouth.

5. If the water is warm a sinking line and a non weighted fly can be best in order to retrieve relatively fast directly over the bottom.

6. If you have deepest water on your longest casts and shallow water in front of the rod: Start the retrieve slowly and then speed up in front of the rod in order to really fish the whole distance close to the bottom.

7. Never miss to fish the last half hour of day light. Especially not on cold days when (of course) you are already freezing like hell cause of no strikes all day long.

All in all fly fishing for pike is maybe the most underestimated kind of fishing I know of. I remember many fly fishermen (after having tried it for the first time) telling me about being surprised how much fun pike fishing simply was to them.

The best tactic is the one which brings YOUR fly right into a huge pike’s mouth. I have done it myself a few times. Good luck and thanks for following this page!

All my best,

~ Sorry this page was late this morning; my fault! Cheers, Paul ~

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