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Ronan's report

Monday 12th April, 2010

I'm back in Tasmania again this week. Typing this somewhere in the air between Sydney and Hobart. This last weekend I've been teaching with Peter Hayes, which is always great fun. We've given a few clinics now and I've learned more from Peter's method of teaching and his take on other methods than I have from anyone else in a very long time indeed. I think the reason for this is that he's developed many of these teaching ideas himself, here at the other end of the world, and also because he has a way of turning a complex problem into a simple solution. That's the sign of a great instructor IMO.

One outstanding concept he uses is the teaching of the Pick-up and Lay-down, lifting the line to the leader ("out the honey") to hang the weight/"sinker" and using a two-finger powersnap (index and middle finger V) - the trajectory of the back and forward casts sits atop the two fingers and varies according to the length of line. Done correctly you can get a group of ten complete novices throwing tight, properly angled backcasts right from the start.

Peter's "Tasmanian Triangle Cast" - his take on the not-so-humble Roll Cast - is inspiration in itself and beats everything I've seen on the subject hands down. Set the rod along one end of the triangle, lift to the apex, get low (really low) and drag the butt toward the target - the third corner of the triangle - delaying rotation for as long as possible, cast hard towards to the target. The speed Peter generates using this tight, low, canted loop is amazing and blows all other roll casts out the water.

The Tasmanian Triangle means something else here too.

Then having established trajectory, speed and delayed rotation, Peter sets the first point of the triangle by walking backwards, then walks forward with the rod cocked, folding the line over itself, sets the top of the triangle, and makes another cast. It's possible to throw the whole line doing this, but as a teaching and training exercise it's particularly good because it teaches rod loading, line management, delayed rotation and tracking.

It's been good fun to teach more novice casters incidentally. It seems that for the last few years all I've been doing is teaching instructors and competition casters!

This weekend, and the reason I'm in Tasmania, is for Peter's Conclave. There are a group of tutors, including Peter Morse, Vin Toro, "Mr Smooth" Roy Wybrow, Matt Howell, Nick Taransky, Greg Jackson, Muz Wilson, Shaun Ash - we'll be exchanging ideas, casting into the night, fishing, tying flies and generally having a great time. I'll be busy with my video camera (although the screen's just packed up and Sanyo won't replace it until I get back to the UK - how useful is that?!)

Next week: NZ - it's hard to keep track of myself at the moment. Then it all goes in weeklong sessions. Hungary, Aberdeen, Hungary, Essex, Mediterranean. So basically I'll be back in Europe in two weeks. I have classes and am available for one-to-one lessons - email me if you're interested in a lesson! I've also got a number of weekends available for flying around giving clinics, so if you're part of a flyfishing or flycasting club, or just have a group of interested mates, then drop me a email and we'll figure out a class somewhere!

Darwin was great. Ronan's off somewhere in Thailand, "stunting". I'm busy editing this week's SLTV episode, on my own again - I hope to have this one finished midweek and then next week's will come from Peter's Conclave in Tassie... I've been looking forward to this meet for a very long time and it's great to finally be around to make the invite! I'll be giving classes on Distance as well as Single Handed Spey.


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