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Ronan's report

Friday May 2nd, 2008

So, Where do you Fish thread still going nicely, Sexyloopers from all around the World are busy sending their favored fishing spot photos. You must see it, there are amazing sceneries, in the Land of Sexyloopers Fly Fishing World. On the first view, it could make you jealous, but then some strange optimism take your soul, saying, you can go there and fish, it is just up to you, the life can be so good, even if it isn't. Thanks to guys for sharing with us xxx spots.

Here is part three, my imaginary Salt Water Fly Fishing spots:

Kosi Bay, Indian Ocean, border SA/Mozambique

Distance - 800 km
Time to get there - 8-9 hrs
Costs/Transport- R 2-4,000 for one weekend (1Euro=13 Rand )
The Fish - King Fish (GT) as the most attractive, lots of other species, but GT drive you to go there and almost kill your selves.
Tackle/Casting - #9 and #12 rods, casting is not a problem ,if you are fit as Sudesh and if you know how to cast dealing with the strong rod hand wind. It is always distance casting, cast as long as you can, but keeping the line under tension , fast stripping and handling the line in the basket could be a problem. The best spots are always connected with possibility to be washed off from the rocks.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10, if you catch at least one decent GT per fishing.
Then , all that crazy self-torture , huge waves, dangerous situations on the rocks , problems with basket and line management, pain and sore after one day casting #12 weight in the smallest bone you have in the body - can be forgotten.
If not, it never can be 10.
(One thing will never be clear to me. Why I am going again and again there if I know all of that? )
Bonus: if and when you catch more than one GT per fishing, then it can be more than 10.

South Africa's Indian Ocean Coast from Cape Town via Durban to Kosi Bay is endless area, thousands kilometers of shore, hundreds of Rivers and Estuaries . One need more than one life to said something clever about that. I am on the very beginning of exploration this SWFF paradise, so there is no to much I can say, except to announce that I am going after tomorrow to Cape Vidal, Saint Lucia for five days. Sudesh told me it is the best place in SA, almost as Kosi Bay, will see.

For January 2009,Linene Island at North Mozambique is in the final phase of organization. 7 days of fishing huge GT, Barracuda, Tuna, Pompano, Sailfish, Wahoo, Queen Fish, Bonefish ,Springer, whatever….

All in all, hardly waiting for a day to finally say goodbye to my state of being a virgin in SWFF , catching my first decent SW fish . From that day, I can say to Paul: Hey Man, there is at least one SW fish which is not imaginary!

Someone told me, it could be a day when one fresh water fisherman will be les ,and one salt water fly fishermen will be more on this World. Who knows? By the way: - Lots of good stuffs on the Board ( I like this thread, even I still didn't take a chance to reply. Maybe next FP?)
-Hungary President is back.


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