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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10 December, 2014

Last Wednesday I had one day left to help my client Günter getting connected to at least one pike. It worked out, mission was successfully completed! The air temperature still dropped below ZERO Celsius (freezing point) during the nights and topped out around 2 to 3 degrees during the days. Due to the cold weather front (coming from eastern Europe) pikes were in a "none-feeding-being-picky-mood" all week long. It was hard work to get everyone connected to fish. Anyway we succeeded.

Fly fishing in such heavy conditions (in which a single strike seems to be almost inpossible) often is a serious test to all fly fishermen (and woman)! Some loose concentration after a few hours, while others manage to stay focused all day long. Very few I have been fishing with manage to stay focused all week long.

It's fair to say, that exactly in these heavy (almost none catching) conditions we need to stay focused in order to get connected (to a fish) at least once. Personally I always like to think about this one moment in time when catching a trophy fish. This usually happens no more than once or twice in our fly fishing lives. But it happens, if - yes, IF you believe in it! At least that's what I believe in. Oh, and I also believe that we have to stay focused in especially heavy/tough conditions to make our one moment happen.

My girl friend Marina surprised me more than once within the past 7 days. She impressively proved to be a serious tough fly fisher(wo)man. Not only did she fish from sunrise until darkness (even in lousy cold conditions), but she also joined me walking 8Km in heavy (wet) wading boots in order to reach a secret (ALWAYS-catching) spot. Well, it (the ALWAYS-catching spot) turned out to be a NONE-catching spot this time. But it indeed was Marina, who caught the best pike of all of us during the past week. It may not have been her one-moment-in-time fish yet, but it was a truly fantastic fish for sure. All her casting sessions during summer time really worked out now. Fantastic to join her catching a fair number of fish even in heavy conditions.

In 7 hours I have to get up again in order to help 4 fly fishermen from Switzerland getting connected to GERMAN pike. I already know it will be pretty tough to succeed. But having my own personal one-moment-in-time pike in my head (the 30+ pounder I caught 10 days ago) will help me to stay focused with everyone until the very last second of each day. So let's see what we can do!?

Whatever may mark your personal one moment in time (catching a huge fish, catching an outstanding beautiful one, catching a special species of fish, fishing a secret spot and so on...), I wish you the little luck on top of your skills to stay focused especially when (fly) fishing tough conditions. Make it happen - it'll be YOUR moment!

All my best


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