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Ronan's report

Sunday April 13th, 2014

As I previously mentioned, because of climatic conditions not only flyfishing in our region is complicated in winter time, but also flycasting as a sport (especially with a doublehanded rod). Usually all exercises with a flyfishing rods came to an end in the Fall and renewed only with approach of Spring. It is possible to practice only accuracy indoors occasionally. As a result I need one to two weeks in the Spring for form restoration.

All this doesn't help skill growth. So it was quite logical to try to find a way to maintain skills at least during wintertime and maybe even get rid of mistakes and respectively to prepare base for improvement. Actually in many sports it is considered necessary to pay much attention to functional trainings. More then that, it became obvious that working with some mistakes connected with timing (especially it concerns "creeping") and improving casting plane can be done more effective indoors with only imitation of a flyfishing tackle.

The task was to find out some exercises which not only would help cure some mistakes but also would promote strengthening of the necessary groups of muscles. As a result during the most part of the winter time I practiced exercises with dumbbells for one-handed flycasting and exercises with weighting compounds on my wrists and butt section of a fishing rod for the two-handed technique. The first Spring trainings showed that these efforts didn't go to waste, both on feeling and on control casts using a measuring tape.

Now I'm waiting open water for checking results with a two-handed rod :)))

Cheers, Anvar.

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