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Ronan's report

Saturday September 7th 2013

As if it wasn't enough that I didn't catch this year's ant migration, I haven't even touched a rod, let alone seen water for almost three weeks. I don't think I've ever been as busy at work as I've been these past three weeks. The hell ride ended with a nice (but stressful) trip to Copenhagen Thursday and Friday. Long drive, hellish traffic, but all for a nice, challenging photo assignment, which went quite well.

Today my first normal weekend with the family for about a month begins, and it'll be nice to gear down a little and start thinking about my trip to Scotland the week after next. The tackle trimmed and accounted for as I'll be using the same tackle I use in Denmark for salmon and seatrout. I will bring a 9'6" 7-wt, a 12' 7-wt (for testing purposes), a 12'6" 7-wt and a 13' 9-wt. A selection of shooting heads for each rods and a few speylines (it is Scotland after all), and I think I'm good to go.

Well, not quite - I need to tie some flies, for me and for my friend, Michael, whom I'm visiting and fishing with.

I've been recommended smaller flies and while I do have some small salmon flies, I need more. I'm thinking a selection of small shrimps and some Sunray Shadow-style small tubes and a handful of Stoat's Tail will be good.

Also, Michael has ordered a batch of Koch's Ghost Shrimps, which he's been quite successful with during autumn fishing in Scotland previous years. I will of course be tying and bringing a nice selection of Cascades as well, which I think is a really nice fly (today's - reused - PoD).

Have a nice weekend!


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