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Ronan's report

Sunday May 2nd 2010

Paul's busy in Hungary with preparation-courses for the upcoming FFF certification event. I had the good fortune of being sent downthere last year as examiner, and meeting the gang was a wonderful experience. I think there are 15 or so people signed up for certifications this year, and I know that a couple of the guys we certified last year are trying for the MCI. Good luck to all of you! I wish I was there again, but some other day we'll meet again!

I'm sorry I missed the FP yesterday - I had a casting course myself, and I hadn't prepared a page in advance - and who'd expect that anyway - this is Sexyloops afterall!

I'm sorry there's no new PoD today. I've used an old one that celebrates Paul's unique and emeninent skillset when it comes to using, navigating and understanding float tubes :-). In fact, Paul's now offering the sought after FTLWMC - Float Tube Low Water Master Class - seats are limitid :-).


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