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Ronan's report

Friday June 29th, 2007

There is list of my Fly Tying Stations, ordered by timing:

  1. First flies was given to me by my Father, say dozen, what was huge numbers of flies one can have in these early days. But, it was enough for given conditions. Clear Innocent Rivers, full with Fish, no fishermen's pressure or any other nervous and stress obstacles, no pollutions…. Golden days of our youth and early FF days, like in fairy books… I was happy, open eyed, free kid, protected by my Father and happy circumstances. You can give me entire fortune of this bloody World now, but it will not be enough to compensate only one day of fishing happiness coming from these days.
  2. My first own flies, tied by my self. First books of "How to tying flies", first knowledge, early skills, discovering miracle of tying first wings and dubbing, first own tied fly catching a fish, what probably was the best time in my FF life! Discovering first steps and primitive level of art of Fly Tying, and catching first fish on your own tied fly is actually one of the most amazing thing in Fly Fishing. Maybe only to cast our first 100', could be close to it. I can't see any other venue with so high importance in our humble passion called FF&FC.
  3. Buying market tied flies. Yes, discovering of catalogues and latter Internet and buying "the best" flies from unknown tiers, probably tied from kids at Far East or Africa… Each and everyone of us knows about that period (even now… =))
  4. Friends. And more than that, very good friends with incredible talent and skills for tying a flies. This is probably my best Fly Tying stations. Can you believe in this : the fly was tied somewhere at Balkan, using a feathers from some birds from Balkan, fallowing local waters and insects and local fish feedback. Very limited and local flies. Then, arriving to another part of the World, where Summer is Winter and Winter is Summer, where May is October and January is September, where you eat strawberry in the same time when your friends from the old country go to enjoy winter sports, say everything is upside down, even fish is behavior is up side dawn.

So ,from your fly box you choose that local fly tied 20.000 miles away for completely different waters and circumstances, in the situations where no one of local flies works, just like a desperate try as my friend Dave Weaver from Sterkofontain use to say and, and…..MIRACLE ! You realize that fish simply start to be crazy for that funny and strange ,inappropriate fly for given condition. You are hero of the day. From 64 fish, 59 was caught on one simply CDC tied by my friend from old country, 20.000 miles, one Winter and one Springtime away.

Tomorrow, my African friend start to tie CDC flies, previously only known only through Internet, as a funny fly invented at Balkan in early days of Fly Fishing History. I was asked my self, why? What was the reason an African fish become so responsive on such a strange fly from some other part of the World. Then I realize. This is about seasons. This is about the same birds and their feathers we're using for tying. The same birds spend Summer both in Africa and Europe. There is no Winter for those flying things called birds. They always enjoy Summer, they don't know what is the Winter.

They remain me on one of my (our) friend I saw only one time in my life, he never spends any Winter anywhere. He is always living in Springtime, Summer and early Autumn. Then, just before Winter shows its cold jaws, he runaways to another part of the World, where Springtime just begin…… He always lives in Early Days of discovering FF with ours Fathers …. me if I told you his name =) Find it by your selves!


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