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Ronan's report

Sunday November 9th, 2008

Well, amigos, I'm hanging up my spurs and turning in my admin badge and gun. I've written what seems like a hell of a lot of FPs and, frankly, it's beginning to feel too much like a job. And, hey, I'm through with jobs.

The great thing about not having a job is that time becomes sort of elastic, I even lose track of what day it is. I wake up with the birds and each day seems really long. I love that. It's routine that makes life seem so short.

So, it's always a bit of a shock to find it's Saturday already, or worse, Sunday, and I have to knock out yet another FP. When you've just dragged your ass in from fishing all day it's sometimes hard to work up the enthusiasm to sit in front of the puter and think up something clever to say.

So, from now on I'm in timeless mode. Since settling down here on the South Island, I've got a new perspective on things. For one thing, that truck collision a while back made me think, that's for sure. What I thought is, OK, you can check out in the blink of an eye. Like that. The meter's running, compadres. Got to get to it. Don't defer anything.

I'm really looking forward to that feeling of cutting loose, and even more unstructured time stretching out ahead of me. I've enjoyed my time at 'Loops and will drop in on the board from time to time to see what's happening. I've got some projects, so I guess my time is really sort of semi-structured. I'm always working on a magazine article, and am about halfway into my next book, so there's a lot of time at the computer anyhow. Easy to click in and chew the rag with you for a while.

And I'll see some of you at the clave in February. Really looking forward to that. For me, it's what 'Loops has been all about. A good time.

Hasta la vista, muchachos.


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