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Ronan's report

Thurs 19th, January 2012

Good stuff on the Board! But we're hoping for great stuff! So if you're a lurker, or a lunker even, come in and say hello. Especially you, Akos :)

I've been running through the new MCI test the past couple of days, which is always interesting. Despite the cold weather we had a great time and even got to test out the new Barrio prototype line on water, as well as some secret things that Lars is very excited about.

Me, I've been enjoying my time here in Hungary, am back hard into running and weight training, and look forward to continuing this into Spain soon (hopefully). I managed to blow up a Landrover wheel this weekend in the forest, which looks like costing me 800 quid (Jesus, when did wheels suddenly become more expensive than cars?).

My One New Thing a Month has been a success, and I must build the site before I leave for Spain. Have to finish the Flyswap flies. And I'm actually thinking that I have to get back on the road. The question is Australia in May after the Scottish Meet, and then Canada? Or time for something completely different?

Who knows? I'm not even sure where I'll be next week. But if there are Tortugas involved, it's going to be great.

Cheers, Paul

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