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Ronan's report

Sunday September 9th 2012

One. The colour of sea trout.

Ask me now about the colour of a fresh sea trout and I'll tell you about an inky blue-black back, a flank of silver flicked with pure black spots, suddenly shading into a creamy white belly.

Ask me with a fish on the line and leaping across the river and all I see is white. A ghost trout. A super-cooled ice trout. An eerie brown trout negative leaping in another dimension.

Two. A leaping sea trout.

Ask me now about a jumping sea trout and I think about a spade of a tail digging into the stream and tumbling out of it. A suspension in clean air. A crash landing spiking the water into crowns.

Ask me with a fish on the line and there's a reversal. The fish can't get back into the water. Bouncing off the surface. Skidding and cartwheeling. Looking for a hole in the water to hide in.

Sea trout turn you upside down and inside out.


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