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Ronan's report

Friday July 20th, 2007

Quote from Fly Fishing and Fertig FP

Yeah, Fly Fishing is the biggest fertik I saw in my life :) …We are fly fishing because Fertig makes us addicted to adrenalin and ephedrine with every fish strike. Then we die and we are born again in couple of loong seconds. Fertik seconds. Fly Fishing seconds.(one F or FF second = five days of normal life).

Quote from EFFA - Basic Instructor Test FP

  1. Is it necessary to stop the rod on the backcast while falsecasting to form a good loop on the forward cast ?
  2. How are loops formed ?
  3. What happens if you don't stop the rod on the forward cast ?
  4. How are tailing loops formed ?

Quote from Hook FP

I want to say something more, while I sit here 1000 km away from civilization (Johannesburg)in the middle of deep, hot Africa(I'm coming home for weekend, thanks god) while listening how Leopards make love in the bush. I have a funny feeling that the best hook on the world is actually Sexyloops Board. Who can catch us better than The Board?

Quote from backpacking FP

No strictly FP theme this week, so I don't know what to write. My old professor of Mother language(tongue) in High School, told us a long time a go-if you don't know what to write then simply put some text title, and start to work on that. So,my text title for this week is :………………………….

Quote from Nicolo Paganini FP

Panic. Screaming. Ladies are in premolar-orgasm stadium with secret shine in the eyes. Crinolines all around in million of colors and design are trying to discipline their young bodies(without too much success :) )

Synergy between Fly Casting, sexy tension in the air and first Rock'n Roll Star ever ,was born in concert holes and in Fly Fishing The Swallows Towers. Italian Total Casting Technique (TLT) was born. With little of delay, 300 years after, Sexyloops was born as well. (this text is ripped from my never written Book: Fly Casting Fantasy in E minorR )

Quote from Property FP

"To feel the essence of Fly Fishing, there is no better place on The Earth. To feel the essence why Fly Fishing has a name "Silent Art" as its title, there is no better place on the Earth as well……. So, is there any son of a bitch who can even think that he might owns … … one single crystal water droplet ???

Quote from Golden Days FP (hook)

He is always living in Springtime, Summer and early Autumn. Then, just before Winter shows cold jaws ,he runaways to another part of the World, where Springtime just begun…… He always lives in Early Days of discovering FF with ours Fathers


If you have not done it, remember to sign the petition in support of catch and release for Wild/Native steelhead on the Umpqua River, OR. Were trying to protect a once great run of fish in the South Umpqua that is fading fast and being targeted unnecessarily. Preliminary public hearings on the issue are on July 19th, with public comments being presented to the Commission for a decision on August 3rd. That means we have about 5 more days left to get as many additional names as we can. We had a good flurry of names last week thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word to your fishing buddies and on your local forums. As of this very second we have . We're shooting for 600 or 700 so make it happen. We've already got the support of prominent members of the angling community like Davy Wotton, Simon Gawesworth and Barry and Cathy Beck. Join them and the rest of us in this worthy cause. Read more on Matts Corner.

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