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Ronan's report

Monday August 7th, 2006

I was planning on writing a Vortex but it's not happening, so I'll write the FP instead.

Tonio Tonio is floating the Yellowstone on my kayak - always assuming he's still alive. I'll probably pick him up later. For some reason Tonio Tonio wants to fish rivers and catch small fish, finding the lake fish too large. Tonio is French and so that may explain it. The French and the Americans obviously have more in common than just an inability to speak English properly.


I didn't write much about the fantastic time we had at the Conclave; the real casting happened out the back of the Inn with Carl, Rich, Tonio Tonio, Eric, Mac, Bruce, myself and a random number of visitors. I think we learned a fair bit, some of which may even be useful one day.

It was great to finally meet Eric in person and fish some lakes and rivers together. It took a while but eventually Eric managed to make the transition to Sexyloops time and we saw the dawn during the final two days. I suspect Eric normally sees the dawn by getting up early, which is of course completely the wrong way.

More chaos will follow shortly when Carl makes it back to West and Davy Wotton makes the trip up. Carl won't be able to understand Davy but that's OK because Carl only makes sense when drunk.

Me I've given up alcohol in preference for showers. For some reason they are mutually exclusive, since you may slip over and hurt yourself. If you're a flyfisherman like me, you may not be aware that the rest of the world partake in showers on a regular basis. It's a strange ritual and I'm disappointed to lose my waterproofness, but sometimes life is like that (I had a shower last week).

Oh and I'm supposed to link to this page, which just goes to show that there are decent fish in the river after all.

I've almost caught up on emails and we've been busy mailing out dvds. Remember that we have produced two completely unique flyfishing videos, The Instructor and Enlightenment. Be sure to buy your copies so I can buy life's essentials, such as beans, potatoes and soap.

Gotta run, may have to save Tonio.


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