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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
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Ronan's report

Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Once again world class fly casting clearly was proved to be about mastering once own style! That and that alone marked the top ten fly casters among a whole bunch of simply all fantastic fly casters during this world championship. No, it wasn't about being muscular or about being tall. Well, except the tallest Norwegian viking on the field - Vidar Naess - that was of course. It was about mastering line speed, trajectory and loop shape. And I agree with Paul, AGE didn't matter here either!

In both single handed and double handed fly casting we saw a huge range of different styles. Fair to summarize the essence of all styles to be the same for all of us:

- proper line tension

- proper timing

- controlling the main (extra high) rotational acceleration not to have any sort of a (too) sudden increase in rod bend involved

- rotation at the right time

- adjusting the arc to the desired line speed and trajectory

- keeping the arc as effective for acceleration as possible by perforimng an abrupt stop (high rate of deceleration)

- keeping the rod in plane during acceleration and deceleration

- dampening counterflex as good as possible

- adjusting the haul to the main rotation of the rod

As simple as that? Yes, indeed. As difficult as that! Just one key point slightly out of control, and you were not even close to be in the game!

Paul (in his Monday front page) told us about his goals for this world championship. Mine were slightly different though. I didn't have much time to practise my casting and to focus on the special requirements for the events of the wc. I decided to participate in the trout distance (5wt.) event. For about 4 weeks I trained for an hour every second or third day. In the end I was able to hit 120 to 130 feet consistantly. Having a slight tail wind that was.

Now in the qualification round I was lucky to get proper tailwind and unlucky to have it blowing slightly over my rod hand side. Having said that I indeed managed to loose my fluff by hitting my rod tip in the third cast. Having tied on a new fluff I had seconds left and managed to hit 120 feet within one final cast. Now that wasn't what I could have done, but it was exactly my personal must-have-target for this world championship. So yes, I was satisfied with that.

The main goal for me once again was to study all the different casters and their very unique casting styles. In the end I came home with >100 videos and >2000 pictures taken during this world championship. A hell lot to learn in that for sure! Very often the camera sees all the small details, which our eyes cannot see in real speed.

All in all I agree with Paul to fully have enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Fagernes, Norway. HUGE thanks to all those having organized the whole event once again! You did a hell of a job!!!

If I would be ask to offer a few critical thoughts though, I would recommend to run heats (casters directly battling against each other, while the winner moves into the next battle). That I think would bring in a higher degree of fair play regarding the none consistant weather conditions!

In the pic of the day section you may find some impressions. And then there will follow quite some videos on my vimeo account during the next weeks. Needs some time for editing. I have plenty of interesting stuff to upload!

Here is one first video presenting Tor E. Gjersöe (Nor) vs. Bernt Johansson (Swe) in the trout distance final. Tor won GOLD. With 134 feet he had the longest cast in the event. Well deserved to win!!!

Great week to all of you!

All my best


p.s.: Here you may find a lot of pics from the world championship 2014.

Pic Of Day



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