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Ronan's report

Friday November 2nd, 2007

Monsieur Marc La Mouche :
   1 How 'bout something about "the BIG ONE that got away" ?  

Voila mon amie :
It was in Norway, before couples of years ago. The Big One, actually the Biggest One in my life, was my own Father. He didn't got away, he passed away during my Norway FF trip. That trip was booked one year in advance. Meanwhile, he become very sick .We all were warned he will die during my trip. But, when I tried to cancel my trip, he was almost rude, giving me the last straight instruction in his life : "You must go there and fish on behalf of me ". The last time I saw him in my life, was the night before my Norway FF trip. If you are wondering why am I referring him as a Big One that got away-it is simply because he was born and die like a Fisherman. If you (not you Marc, I mean on the entire Board) think that I consider my self guilty writing this in a try to get rid of such a feeling you are most probably right.
But, tell me what would you do in the same situation ?

Mister Mattklara:
   1 Strange fish that you have fished for.

Matt, for sure it was Mud Fish from Vaal River,South Africa.
9'#5 rod ,4X tippet, small nymph, fast current ,murky water and strange and little bit scare for me-Vaal River. Plus ,I forgot the net. Fish was at least 3-4 kg, the fight take about one or more than one hour. But,I won on the end, kick the fish with leg on the bank, make two, three fast shots and good bye ! (I didn't tried to touch it, luckily the hook snapped of by its self ,so everybody were happy on the end) . So ugly but so hard fighter. (I thought it catfish or giant Large mouth…)

Monsieur Marc La Mouche again
   2 Or how about strange women you've fished for.

My Wife for sure. She must be quiet strange if she's can (still ) living with me .
In the ancient times, when we killed every fish we caught and bring home as a prehistoric hunters ,I've fished for her. Today, I am doing the same thing basically , but I bring photos, clips and hopefully better and refreshed side of my self after nice fishing trip.

Poorcast,is that was enough warm and fuzzy, or should I talk more sh….t ?

Anyway Guys, go fishing and be happy...


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