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Ronan's report

Thursday December 26th, 2007

Lars is out. He's probably still gnawing on leftover pieces of tradition Danish pork roast. That stuff is like crack to Vikings. The recipe takes 2 løgs too, which is cool. Damn! Vikings are so tough they eat wood! Don't google for løgs btw, it turns out they're just onions and that'll take away from the tough Viking image, not that you'd want to get any closer to one of them.

Out of curiosity, I asked Dubya for a copy of Lars's Christmas list. Dubya's been watching the site closely ever since this incident coincidentally chronicled in the Pink Psycho series, so he keeps tabs on that kind of thing. (And you wondered why Paul can't get back into the States.) Here's what came through...

  1. A Bag
  2. A Bigger Bag
  3. A Bag with Many Pockets
  4. Quick-Dry Ninja Socks

Since he's been mostly good and relatively helpful this year (not as helpful as Magnus of course. We expected a "bah humbug" Magnus!), Lars is likely slobbering some pork-flavored drool over his new bag. It may in fact have been a re-wrapped old bag that he'd forgotten about and left in the backyard, but he'll never realize it (hey! it works for the dog).

For the new year, Lars is planning to unveil a groundbreaking new parachute bungee off-hand switch cast hook. It's enough to make you pee your waders in anticipation!

Cheers, Eric

p.s. Paul! Lars wants to know when the Revolution is coming out? Since it missed the holiday '07 season, will it be a Summer '08 or Winter '12 release?

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