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Ronan's report

Sunday May 22nd 2010

I've been salmon fishing quite a lot this spring - soon it's over when the mayflies (the real one - the danica) begin to hatch - probably late next week. Anyway, I had a good look in my boxes with salmon flies. So far, I've been fishing three patterns: The Black & Silver, my own Mickey Finn tube-variant and a small orange one. I think the boxes (I have three of them) contain over 20 different patterns in total :-).

The three flies I *do* use, I use ina few different styles and in 3 different sizes. Sometimes on a plastic tube with my preferred Turbo Cone from Mikael Frödin, sometimes on a small US Tube (short 10mm long brass tube) and sometimes just with a plastic conehead. I've made the decision - I'm going get rid of the patterns I don't use and make sure I have the three I *do* use in 3-4 sizes. Come summer I'll need a few more for surface-fishing during the night.

Any salmon fishers amongst you? How many different patterns do you use in your home water?

Have a great weekend!


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