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Ronan's report

Sunday May 4th, 2008

Had a great day's fishing with Chris, John and Mike. The weather looked threatening but the rain stayed off all day. Lots of cloud around and low light, which looked good for a Deleatideum emergence. As it happened, there were only a few duns coming off now and then, but there was a steady supply of spent spinners trickling down throughout the day. If you've fished to a spinner fall you know how tricky they can be. There are usually lots of fish showing because they just can't resist a spent spinner, but this is where your presentation skills make the difference between fish and no fish.. You need a passable imitation all right, but it's really all about presentation. You just can't work around this fact.

The mayfly spinner is really a pretty simple affair. As far as fly tying goes, you just need a slim body of roughly the same size that will float flat in the surface film. There are lots of specific spinner patterns out there, but personally I don't bother much with tying those fancy spent wing jobs and counting tails. My most reliable spinner imitation is the good old hare's ear DHS - tied really sparse with just a few deer hairs sticking out - with the body ginked up so it floats flat. For these late season Deleatidium spinners you probably want a size 16, but a skinny 14 will do the trick if it's fished right.

Fishing it right is mostly a matter of making a good accurate shot and a dragless drift. In this sparse fall of spinners we found that the fish were moving around a lot, and quite quickly too. This meant you had to estimate where the fish was going to be after its last rise and get the fly in front of it so it was seen. In the backwaters with big drag issues and good visibility for the fish this was a tricky deal, but great fishing. Pattern obviously wasn't all that important, because I took about half of my dozen trout on a beat up size 14 Snowshoe Hare Emerger that fished sunk most of the time. One thing about spinners is they sink, and the fish don't ignore them. My best fish of the day, a four pounder that was mopping up spinners in the whirling foam of a backwater, ate my sunk SHE like it was home cooking.


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