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Ronan's report

Friday February 23rd, 2007

Sea, Ocean, big Lakes, wind, confused waves, sharks, all day fishing… Do You like to have a Kayak for such a fishing conditions ?

"Excellent comfort, stability, paddle ability and handling in rough water separate this fishing kayak from the rest. This kayak addresses the needs of the serious fisherman. Besides a dedicated fish hatch this kayak has a load box / diving cylinder holder, place for a fish finders and GPS, and attachment points for an anchor and drogue. This kayak was developed to cater for the very specific requirements of the fishing enthusiast. We realized that the new generation kayak fisherman expects far more from his craft. The additional length translates into additional speed, or viewed differently - less effort to cover more distance, and coupled with the width of the kayak, unbelievable stability. The forward fish hatch was incorporated into the deck molding. While this did mean a more intricate deck construction it ensured the end of leaking fish hatches, increased deck strength, and improved safety. The smooth gel coat finish of the fish hatch is a welcome change from the traditional smelly hatches. The rear load box is just that - an indentation in the deck designed for taking an additional plastic crate for extended fishing trips, or a place to secure a fish bag or the crayfish nets, or diving cylinder and additional diving gear (or place for the kids or family mutt on a more leisurely trip). The forward hatch also incorporates placement for a GPS and fish finder. Obviously the rod holders are standard items, as are additional attachment points for the paddle leash, spear gun, and anchor points for and aft. The pedal controlled steering is adjustable for a variety of leg lengths, and the deep seat with proper back support is appreciated after a long day on the water. The first notable feature of this Kayak is the length of 4.8m, the second feature is that the forward fish hatch is part of the deck molding, and the third feature of the kayak becomes apparent once you get on it - it paddles like a proper kayak!"

Last year on the coast of Indian Ocean I've been spent one afternoon playing with this Kayak, and I was delighted with easy driving , pleasure when cutting the waves as with knife and some kind of "sailor" feeling .But, I was so close to the sharks. The only thing I don't like so much…..

Cheers, Zoran and PS:

Outside is 25º degrees, beautiful calm evening , but I get a flu fallowed with 38,5º C degrees.

So, all in all this is more than 60º C degrees .

What? Stop laughing, this is my specific method of assessing FLU WEIGHT RATE =) .

Par exemple, in Siberia ,with minus 40ºC degrees outside and your body (flu) temperature of plus 39º C degrees, your specific Flu Weight Rate (FWR) is minus 1*C degrees ,and you are still alive.

But, if your FWR is more than 80º C degrees ,you are or fresh fried chicken or you are living in Gabon…

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