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Ronan's report

Tuesday November 9th, 2010

Probably the last rainbow I'll find sipping BWOs this season. Good temperatures, good cover, easy cast to make, perfect November fishing scenario!

Change flies, single BWO emerger. Creep up, slowly, take my time. False cast to the side, heart pounding, this is too good to be true; I'm going to screw up.

The cast, it gently settles to the waters surface. Right where I wanted!! Wow.

Good drift for half a foot, one foot, over the area... Slurp!

Little strip set... I've got it, I've got it!

One small quick jump, then down into the pool. Upstream, down, this is a good fish for the last on a dry!

Then nothing... slack line, no pressure, what the heck?

That sinking feeling in the bottom of your belly. The disappointment, what did I do?

It's gone. It's over, the pool is put down, you're 30 minutes from the car and the sun is on the horizon. The weather is predicted to turn tomorrow, this was the last day.

What went wrong? You play it over and over in your head. You can see you still have a fly. You think, you ponder, you grab the fly...

Damn you Tiemco!


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