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Ronan's report

Saturday January 22nd 2011

Something's brewing! Something great! Something that all flycasters, flycasting instructors and flyfishers in Europe should know about, so here it is - The FFF Euro Conclave!

Welcome to the FFF Euro Conclave 2011
In 2011, for the first time ever, the FFF and FFF Denmark have collaborated on creating the first European Conclave. The Euro Conclave 2011 is held together with the biannual event, The Danish FlyFestival, which in 2011 is held for the 10th time.

What is the Euro Conclave?
The Euro Conclave is an event based on casting instruction. FFF Casting Instructors from all over the world are invited to offer workshops and casting instruction Ð open for everyone. As soon as the workshops have been finalised, an itinerary will be posted on the Conclave's main website.

If you are interested in the highest level of casting instruction available, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced caster or instructor, there is a workshop for you. Everyone is welcome!!!

When and where
The Euro Conclave is being held in Kolding, Denmark over the weekend of the 26th-27th of March. The venue is Bakkeskolen (a school), Seestvej 6-8, 6000 Kolding (close to the Festival grounds).

Participants of the Conclave are also invited to sleep at the school, where the Conclave is held. Expect to rough it, so to say. You should bring a mattress and a sleeping bag. The price is only 30 DKK/night (roughly 5 euros). Bath is available.

Participants of the Conclave can also order breakfast and lunch (to be served at the Conclave). Breakfast is coffee and breadrolls, lunch will be a minibuffet. The price for breakfast and lunch is 20 euros/person/day. If you wish to order breakfast and lunch, please send an email to lars (at), subject «Conclave/food«. You must order in advance and orders close at March 15th. Breakfast and lunch are NOT included in the workshop fees and must be paid separately (please bring cash, euros are fine).

If you are attending one or more workshops, you will receive a 50% discount on your entry fee to the Danish FlyFestival, should you wish to visit it. The normal entry fee is 100 DKK Ð workshop attendee price is 50 DKK. All you have to do is show your workshop registration at the gates.

If you wish to sign up for a workshop
You can sign up for a workshop at the Help Desk at the Conclave, or you can sign up by submitting your name and info to the FFF. As there are a limited number of spaces in the workshops, you are advised to signup in advance. Because the workshop facilities and instructor expenses are based on the number of registered participants, there will be no refunds if you cannot attend the workshop/s, that you had registered for.

Other practical information
All attendees of the FFF Euro Conclave and instructor certifications will meet at the Conclave Help Desk at the Bakkeskolen (see above).

All workshop providers will meet at the Conclave Helpdesk at the Bakkeskolen (see above).

FFF Instructor certifications
At the Conclave, there will be instructor certification Ð all levels (CI, MCI, THCI). Certifications will start on Friday, March 25th. More info will be posted when we have it. If you have questions regarding the certifications, please contact Denise Maxwell at goldnwst (at)

How to get there
The school's address is: Bakkeskolen, Seestvej 6-8, 6000 Kolding, Denmark. Punch that into your GPS and it will take you there. A search on the address (Seestvej 6-8, Kolding) in Google Maps ( will also take you there Ð from anywhere in the world.

What is The Danish FlyFestival
The Danish FlyFestival is a biannual event, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011. It was held for the first time in 1993 and has been held every other year since then. At the Danish FlyFestival, you can experience everything from the best flytiers in the world, the best casters, as well as wholesalers and retailers from all over Europe. The Festival is held in KFUM Hallerne, Peter Toftsvej 21, 600 Kolding (your GPS and/or Google Maps) will take you there if you use this address. The two events are within walking distance. Make sure you visit for other relevant information such as demonstrators.

Late March in Denmark can be both late winter and early spring, so dress accordingly. We recommend you bring waterproof clothing if you are taking a workshop at the Conclave or if you wish to bring the family and visit Kolding.

Available fishing
The area around Kolding offers good fishing for seatrout in saltwater. There are numerous good spots within short driving distance. If you wish to try this, you will need waders. Bring any flyrod from 5-8-wt and floating line. If you are short on flies, a small selection of Wooly Buggers in size 4-8 are a good choice.

Tourist Info
If you wish to bring your family over for the weekend, Kolding is a nice city. There is the Koldinghus, a big castle that has its roots in the middleages (Koldinghus.) Trapholt is an exhibition of modern, comtemporary art, also well worth a visit (Trapholt). Much more information about Kolding can be found at Visit Kolding.

Should you wish to stay the weekend in Kolding, we recommend you contact Kolding ByFerie ( Ð this is where all the flytiers and casters will be staying as well. Kolding ByFerie offers very nice holiday apartments just a stone's throw from the castle of Koldinghus in the heart of Kolding. The apartments are of a very high standard.

At Visit Kolding you can find other options as well.

Denmark's official currency is the Danish Kroner, but almost every shop and other places accept the euro as well. VISA-cards are accepted almost everywhere. 100 euros = app. 745 DKK.

General travel information
The nearest airport is Billund and we strongly recommend you fly into Billund, if you are coming by plane. From Billund it is easy to get to Kolding. You have both the option of renting a car or taking the bus straight to Kolding (Route 406).

If you arrive late/leave late, we recommend you contact the airport hotel in Billund.

You can also reach Kolding by train from Germany.

Any question regarding the Conclave, please email Lars Bentsen for questions regarding Ólocal mattersÓ (lars (at) or Dan McCrimmon (danmcc (at) for overall questions regarding workshops etc.


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