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Ronan's report

Wednesday 30 July, 2014

In just two weeks the world championships in fly casting will be held in Fagernes, Norway again! I really was hoping to find some serious time to practise this time, but unfortunately there are too many mullets around here right now.

I started to train distance casting with the Mastery Expert Distance 5 weight line some weeks ago, but had to stop as soon as mullets came in again 2 weeks ago! I am really enthusiastic about fly casting. I love to practise my casting every day. But when fishing my focus is on catching the fish and improving my fishing skills. And yet there is no cast on the planet feeling as good to me as a serious fish taking my fly!

So, what can I tell, all week long Alex and I (yes Alex got bitten by the casting bug as well, but also prefers fishing) were chasing mullets all day(s) long. Actually we are just back from another loong day in mullet water right now. Thanks to Nick, who put us up to the idea of trying UV reflecting materials for mullet. Sure we did try it immediately! Today they refused many times AS USUAL! Code is still not cracked! ;)

Did we catch anything during the (last) week? Yes! Alex landed his first mullet of the season and I too landed a few ones as well. All in all a great week for sure! Couldn't think of any better fishing right now.

Anyway, it happens to be a proper time of the year to catch pike perch ("Zander" in Germany) on fly right now, too. And yet I haven't taken a big on fly. So we decided to change our focus from mullet into pike perch during the next week. Seems as if Norway will be tons of fun meeting many of you great casters out there again, but for me not much of a chance to seriously prepare myself. But that's fair. I have great fishing day by day, so nothing to complain about. Not even close!

During the weekend we will be teaching a huge class of beginners how to fly cast first and then how to fish for Sea trout. So there are quite some things in the pipe right now!

Great rest of the week to everyone!

All my best


p.s.: Does anyone know why a duck-mum would have just one yellow duckling within her normal (brown) clored ducklings? You may find such a mum in the pic of the day section (pic taken today).

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